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Beerpack Trappist

Beerpack Trappist

Wellicht heb je wel eens gehoord van het fenomeen Trappistenbier. Een beschermde naam die enkel gedragen mag worden door Abdijen die deze bieren brouwen in, of in de nabijheid van het klooster. Deze 18 Abdijen zijn gezamenlijk verantwoordelijk voor 11 Trappistenbieren. Met dit bierpakket kun je kennis maken met een aantal van deze trappistenbieren waaronder de bekende Westvleteren XII, maar ook nieuwkomers zoals onder andere de Amerikaanse en Nederlandse trappist Spencer.

This package contains the following 12 beers

1 x La Trappe - Witte Trappist - 33cl

De Koningshoeven White 6% 33cl

This cloudy beer of Netherlands' most famous Trappist brewery is a nice wheat beer in Belgian style, with a clear influence of Belgian blond beer. A mild and refreshing beer with a spiciness of coriander, orange-like fruitiness and a dark-sweet taste of dried fruit in the aftertaste. A very nice wheat beer!

1 x Achelse Kluis - Bruin - 33cl

Achelse Kluis Brown 8% 33cl

This genuine Trappist beer is brewed in the St. Benedict Abbey in Hamont, on the Belgian-Dutch border. It's a nice fruity double, with a sweetness reminiscent of fresh bread, ripe apples and toffee. There is also a strong bitterness of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and a mild, refreshing hop bitterness. The high alcohol content is not really noticeable in the taste, so you should be careful with this tough guy! The mouthfeel is soft and creamy, all in all this wonderful beer is an absolute must!

1 x Westmalle - Tripel - 33cl

Westmalle Blond 10% 33cl

The Westmalle Tripel is the standard among the triples. For over 50 years, the recipe remained the same, and indeed why would you change perfection? This fruity triple with its spicy flavor is still adored by many beer lovers. It is a complex beer to enjoy quietly.

1 x La Trappe - Blond - 33cl

De Koningshoeven Blond 7% 33cl

This blond beer of Netherlands's most famous Trappist brewery is a quite sweet and fruity lager. The taste is reminiscent of banana, but also caramel. A slight bitterness in the aftertaste provides the necessary balance. The mouthfeel is crisp and sparkling thanks to the mild carbonation.

1 x La Trappe - Isi d'Or - 33cl

De Koningshoeven Dark Blond 8% 33cl

This golden beer from Netherlands' most famous Trappist brewery is a spicy and fruity beer. The fruitiness reminiscents of apple, but it is not very sweet. Some caramel-like sweetness is present due to the malt and a fresh hop biterness brings the whole beer into a beautiful balance. But watch out.. this beer drinks way too easy for its 7%.

1 x Westvleteren - Abt 12 - 33cl

Westvleteren Sint Sixtusabdij Darkbrown 10% 33cl

Multiple times this beer was voted to be the best beer in the world, but still it is virtually unobtainable. The fact that the monks hardly distribute this beer and you thus need to collect it at the gate of the monetary does not really help. It's aroma is perfectly balanced and reminiscent of brown sugar combined with fruits and spices. The beer tastes decently malty with flavors like toffee, chocolate and dark fruits. Justly chosen multiple times as the best beer in the world. .

1 x La Trappe - Quadrupel - 33cl

De Koningshoeven Dark Blond 10% 33cl

This dark beer comes from Netherlands' most famous Trappist brewery and is a pretty solid guy. It is the flagship of the brewery, with a beautiful complex flavor. There is a fruitiness reminiscent of berries, but also prunes. A caramel-like sweetness comes up and lingers long, but nicely balanced by the bitterness and the coffee / chocolate tones of roasted malt. A wonderful beer to quietly enjoy!

1 x Rochefort - 8 - 33cl

Rochefort Darkbrown 9% 33cl

This wonderful Trappist beer is among connoisseurs a true classic. The beautiful complex taste continues to surprise you. With every sip there is a new flavor components which will stand out. The full fruitiness of dried fruit, a pleasant caramel flavor and subtle hop bitterness seem to dance around each other in your mouth. The mouthfeel is soft and creamy, yet with a certain sparkle of the carbonic acid. World class!

1 x Chimay - Blauw / Grande Réserve - 33cl

Chimay Brown 9% 33cl

A real Trappist beer and the flagship of the Chimay brewery. A very full-bodied, with a toffee-like sweetness and a long complex finish. Dried fruit and maltiness aroma's dominate the palate, and the alcohol is certainly present but not overwhelming. Bitter is virtually absent in the taste. Not a beer you can drink too fast, but nonetheless a great beer to enjoy taking your time for quietly.

1 x Rochefort - 6 - 33cl

Rochefort Brown 8% 33cl

This Trappist has a subtle fruity flavor reminiscent with figs and raisins. Then comes a light caramel-like sweetness that slowly turns into a pleasant hop bitterness, and the finish is quite dry. A wonderful beer that is nicely balanced, which enthusiasts can enjoy time over time again.

1 x Spencer - Trappist - 33cl

Spencer Brewery Blond 6% 33cl

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1 x Orval - 33cl

Orval Dark Blond 6% 33cl

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