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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you will find summaries of the most asked question. If you have a question that is not listed, please fill out the contactform on the contact page.




Are the the prices width VAT and Deposit?
All prices are exclusive the bottle deposite. These will be listed by the check-out page.  However, the prices are inclusieve VAT. If you want to know, how much this deposit of every bottle is, please visit the related productpage for more informatie.
How much is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost are €26,95 for every box of beer (this includes 24 bottles with a max of 50cl). However; by filling a full box, you are receiving a discount of €8,95,- on your shipping.


Why is it, that some beers have an additional discount?
Some beers are reaching the expiring date. The more the beer is comming near that date, the higher the addionale discount will be. . 

Why is it, that some beers are not listed in the discount section?
If there are nog beers listed in the sale section it means that none of our beers are any close to their THT data.

By adding my basket with the same beers, some are in the discount and others not?
There is always a chance that some beers within the same batch are nearing the expiring data and others not. In that case the discount will stop by the number that reaches the new batch of beers.

I received an Giftcard / Dicountcode, where can I use it?
You can add your code within the check-out page, and your discount will be seen immediately.


What kind of payment options does GrandBeers support?

To be sure that everybody is able to buy beer within our website, we listed the payment options here below:

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard (€ 1,50 Transactionfee)
  • Maestro (€ 1,50 Transactionfee)
  • Visa (€ 1,50 Transactionfee)
Some payment options have extra transactionfee's.

Is post-pay possible?
Unfortunately not but if you want to place a back-order, please contact us.


How will the beer been send?
The trip from our location at Your home is unfortunately a Pretty Rough ride, so we Beer sturdy and safe Having packed. We use special boxes here the beer is in separate compartments while Being firmly put. On this Way Comes 99.3% of all our orders safely to without broken glass.
How long does the shipping takes?
An average delivery takes 2 - 3 working days.
By ordering, we willl pack and send your order within 24 hours. If the order has been placed in the morning (UTM +1) there might be a chance that your order will be sended before 15:00 o'clock (UTM  +1).

How do I know or my order has been posted?
after ordering you'll receive a e-mail of the postal service. They will send a mail to inform you over the shipping. In this mail is a link for a track and trace included. 

Damage & Return

My order was damaged. What now?
The transport of bottled beer always brings risks with it. If there is broken anything during shipping, we will make sure that you, if available, as soon as possible new beer will be sent. If the beer you ordered was not in stock anymore, then you can wait until the beer becomes available, choose another product or get a share of the refund.

Should it be that your order has arrived damaged, DPD probably here has to to us already on alert. Please contact us via phone or the contact form and we'll ensure that we quickly reach a solution!

I just ordered, but would still cancel. Is this possible?
Of course this is possible! However, it is wise for you as soon as possible contacting us because we are trying to send every order immediately.

How long is my reflection period?
You have the right to return the goods received within 14 calendar days of receipt of MooiBier.nl without giving any reason. You can only return unopened bottles to MooiBier.nl. Returning beer is at your own risk. Should any damage or loss bottles at returning than any additional costs for you and not for MooiBier.nl. Make sure that you always receive a delivery receipt of the returned goods. The purchase price of the beer you return, as soon as we have received the crate in good condition, will be returned to your bank account.
If you want to cancel the order within this period, please contact us by phone or contract form!

I am not satisfied with your service. Can I get my money back?
If you are not satisfied with our services you can get your money back under certain conditions. We aim to assist every customer with 100% satisfaction. Should this be with you not succeed, we want to hear from you so we can try to achieve this yet. Should this not kukken yet we will return the purchase price to you under certain conditions.